A concrete countertop can be a good addition to your kitchen or bathroom, it is very important that you take good care of it in order to maintain the beauty of its surface. The concept of a concrete countertop is fairly new in the industry and there hasn't been enough information on how to maintain it. Here are the things that you can do to keep those countertops in their tip top shape.


Before any installation, you have to make sure that your countertop is carefully sealed. The sealant forms a protection in case something spills on top of it. It will also prevent any leaks that may take place. Since the concrete countertop is carefully sealed, then cleaning it would not be that hard. It is better if you can clean it with a substance that has a neutral PH level.  Also, you have to avoid scrubbing materials and other strong cleaners as these can damage the sealants. Here are the few cleaning tips you can use for our concrete countertops. Also read about Concrete Re-Surfacing Cleveland OH related to these remodeling ideas.


A good old soap and water can be used to clean your concrete countertop. Utilizing a dish soap or any soap with water can be a great way to clean your countertop. It is proven that soap and water can clean porous and non-porous concrete materials. If you want to take away any stains that have accumulated in your countertop, you can use dish soap, 2 tablespoons of it and add it to a bucket of water. Use the rag that you usually use in cleaning your countertop and just scrub the stains away. This solution is also good for cleaning the daily mess.


You can also use stain removers. Mild stain removers that are detergent base can be used as concrete countertop cleaners. All you need to do is to spray the stain remover on the stain on top of the concrete countertop and just let it sit for a while. You can also add some detergent powder if the stain is fairly hard to remove. Use a towel to scrub the stain and just rinse with water.


You can also use waxing materials to clean and maintain your concrete countertops. By using a waxing materials, you will be able to avoid stained from sticking on your countertop as well as keeping your concrete countertop looking like new. It will also act as a sealant protectant and prevents the stains from latching on the sealant as well.



A concrete countertop is a lasting investment as this can last for years to come. If properly taken cared of, these types of countertops need no replacements at all. Just make sure that you are cleaning and marinating your concrete countertops the right way and it will surely look good for a lifetime. Hire the best Concrete Countertops Cleveland OH experts near you.